Sunday, February 14, 2010

Poang Upgrade - The After

I'm sure that anyone who isn't interested in these chairs is wondering why I'm banging on about this.  There was one early post about the Poang and it gets hit more than any other post.   So this is the conclusion of the Upgrade.  The Pay Off...

Mrs Dog, the Spokesmodel shows you what I ended up with.  The chair now has a chocolate brown leather pillow and seat cushions.  They are much more firm than the fabric ones that were on it before.  While you may say that its because the old ones were ... old, I'll disagree.  The stuffing in these pillows are much more firm than the cloth covered ones.  I've tried a bunch of them in the store.  I am one of those guys that you see sitting in these chairs, feet up on the ottoman with a goofy look on their face.  Every Ikea I have ever hit was the same, a row of Poang Chairs and Rockers with about 1/2 of them full of people and they're disproportionally men.  Everyone who sits in them has the same blissful look on their faces.

I've had this chair now for about 8 months, the cover is now about a month old.   It is truly the most comfortable chair I own.   If I had an office to decorate, it would be a small table and a couple of these chairs.   They're not for everyone, some people find them too firm.   In my case I can sit in the thing for hours on end and not have back pain and I have had two major and one minor vehicle accident.  My back is a mess, but I can forget about it with my laptop on my lap and bouncing contentedly on my Poang.

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