Monday, January 10, 2011

Facebook is NOT shutting down on March 15

Ok, who ever is starting these rumors, please stop.

Go back to contemplating your navel.  Find yourself some new toys to play with, take up knitting or origami.

There have been a lot of strange rumors lately about individual actors being dead or dying, and next it's that Facebook is going away.

It isn't.

The second coming isn't getting any nearer, the end of the internet world as we know it hasn't happened.  You can go back to poking your friends in Facebook.  The little economy and ecosystem that has sprung up around the website has gotten so big that it's the largest internet site in terms of hits. 

Facebook has become the CB radio of this era.  Remember those things?  When they were popular every third house had a CB and even luxury cars had one as an option.  Breaker 19 seems just as quaint now as a Poke will in another 20 years so enjoy it while it lasts.   After all... well, remember My Space?

You won't have to go back to Tagged or My Space for your social media fix.  It's not going away.

Why are we wasting time on someone's rumor?  Basically I went through the tech blogs over the weekend and every other blog and website had an article about how FB was not going to close.  I got up this morning at 4am (couldn't sleep) and after the dog walk and normal routine every tech blog I hit and news site, again, had articles about this.

Ok, I read them so you don't have to... but if you want more on this, check the Yahoo News article on the rumor.

Silly teenagers, Rumors are dumb.

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