Monday, January 24, 2011

One Way To The Beach in Fort Lauderdale

Today, it is 70.  It is expected to get up to 72.  The sun is burning off the Marine Layer, there is a beautiful breeze out there. 

The breeze is blowing through the house.  There is the scent of blossoms on the air. 

I say this because a friend told me that I should be happy and to check the current forecast for Philadelphia, PA today.

According to the Weather at that time it was 13F, going "up" to 23F.  Tomorrow though it will "warm" to 41.

Ahhhh... A little Schadenfreude is good for the soul. 

I'm sure they'll remind me come July 1 when Hurricane Season hits but for now... 

Maybe the scene at the beach will make them feel better.  See the sun, surf, and sand?  Feel like a bike ride?  Actually when I took this I was stuck in traffic on A1A.  It usually is a line of stop and go from one end to the other when you're on there so basically it is strictly sightseeing.   You aren't going somewhere fast on that road unless you're going at 230AM.  Even then the Ft Lauderdale PD keeps an eye out for speeders.  Now THAT is a completely different story...There was this time at Sunrise and A1A that...

I'm going to get some rude comments in Facebook Group for the blog!  Go ahead!  I'm waiting! :)

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