Monday, January 3, 2011

Saving Shelter Dogs with OK Go - White Knuckles

I stumbled across a really inventive video the other day.  Saving the link I thought I'd share it.  The group OK Go is out of Chicago and do rock music.  Not exactly my usual format, but hey why not?   The videos they do are typically much more creative than the norm.  They were the ones who did a massive Rube Goldberg machine in one, another uses the medium of Toast to illustrate autumn.

Yes, Toast.  As in Lightly Browned Bread.

Clearly these folks have some serious creativity going on!

You can find some more of their music and their videos on the OK Go home page.  I'll make a point to hop on there and have a look later.

Anything that helps the shelter dogs find a new home, I am for.  The group say that they are using mostly shelter dogs in the video and they have a link where you can buy a video donating to the cause.  I'm not sure what you're getting specifically, but you can hop to the link and see what I mean. 

The link I found is the public one on You Tube, so you can watch it freely.  I did this morning and I had a big dopey smile on my face.  The dogs leaping at you from a wall of translucent waste paper bins are infectious and some of the antics that I saw on there were quite creative.

It is safe for work, and not only safe for children but I suggest you gather the kids for this one.

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