Thursday, January 6, 2011

Grenada is Gettin' Jiggy With It

Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah!
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah!

This morning I took Mrs Dog out for her walk.  The entire time I had a particularly bouncy piece of Soca Music stuck in my head.  Destra Garcia was singing Max It Up and I was feeling an Island Soca Groove.  Really amazingly bouncy song and a really energetic format.  It doesn't hurt that Destra is beautiful woman as well.

In my head I'm hearing the song in my head over and over and the pump was primed.  I was whistling Soca Music on Wilton Drive at 620AM without realizing it until someone cleaning the bars was staring at me acting like a fool. (Oops!  Sorry!...)

Making the coffee and breakfast chicken and biscuit, I park in my chair, fire up the laptop and start all the needed browser sessions to do what I have before me for the morning. 

I'm still hearing that beautiful brown babe singing "Maaa aaax it UP!"...

Start the search and destroy mission...

I have this little box tied into our stereo system.  It's actually Kevin's, but shhhh, we won't tell him that will we?  It's called a Squeezebox, and it allows me to surf radio stations through a hand held remote.  You punch in what you want to listen to in the search like you would be texting on your cell phone and it will usually find it.

Soca music is short for Southern Caribbean Music.  It's a kind of culture that comes from T and T, mon... er Trinidad and Tobago, but also the Bajans in Barbados, the Vincies in St Vincent, and the Grenadians in Grenada are heavily into Trini Soca as well.  Ok, not Trini Soca specifically since they all have their own artists.  Mind you all those nations I have rattled off have fewer people in them than Miami Dade County in Florida. 

Yes, there is a world of music out there if you search for it.

I got into what we used to call "World Music" while listening to college radio back in 1990 and never turned back.  Every so often I'd get into a World Vibe, pick a format and I am off annoying people with something from another culture that I never expect to visit. 

It's ok, Destra's still a knock out...

I have about 5 Soca radio stations on the Squeezebox that I share.  Mostly from POS TnT, er, Port of Spain, Trinidad, so I decided to have a look around.   There was an artist that the one station from Toronto was playing from Grenada so I thought have a poke around to try to find something from a different island.

I settled in on three stations in rapid succession and realized that at this time of the morning, I wasn't going to find anything new.  You see, while I enjoy what we call RnB I wanted Soca.   My usual station wasn't coming in on the Squeezebox, so I ended up settling.  In the last 15 minutes, I've heard Gettin' Jiggy With It, three Michael Jackson tracks, a Whitney Houston, and now Tina Turner talking about the hero she doesn't need.

Grenada Broadcasting System?   So far, it's a good RnB pop station from ... 1995 in Philly.

Yep, I went 15 years into the past and flew to an island in the tropics just to listen to an artist from my back yard. 

Oh well.... I'll be gettin' jiggy wit it for a while still...

The nice thing about choice is that you can chose to enjoy something ... familiar.

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