Friday, January 28, 2011

Make Facebook More Secure with HTTPS

Simply put the "S" on the end of "HTTPS" is for "secure". 

It means that if you take your laptop to your nearest friendly coffee house you are less likely to have someone capture your password.  There are other ways to get onto your computer, to be hacked, but this plugs one hole in the most popular website, and one of the worst from the standpoint of security.

Really Simple Instructions, I promise.  I'll blather on afterwords but here goes.

1) Log into your Facebook account in your favorite browser.
2) Click on the link in the upper right of the screen for "Account"
3) Select "Account Settings" which is under your picture and on my list it is the third entry.
4) You will now be on the "Account Settings" page.
5) On my page, it is the seventh entry, "Account Security", select that by clicking on "change" on the right.
6) The page will open up more information.
7) Find the check box under "Secure Browsing (https)" and click the check box on.
8) Click Save - you are done.

Facebook exists to sell your information.  It is up to you to decide how much of that you want to sell.  Seeing that you get no money back from that, you get no direct benefits from their having your information, and that its basically a very creepy situation, take matters into your own hands.

I suggest that you may want to consider going through your profile in Facebook and ask yourself, "Do I Really NEED To Share This?"  If I don't know you, you will only see my name, my picture, and the city I live in.  There is an amazing amount of information tie-in that you can do from that, and if you doubt me, go to Google and type your own name in. 

After all, it is YOUR information so it should be YOUR choice.

It is ironic that I suggested for you to search Google for your own information since they exist to sell your information as well.  The creepy factor is on all of these New Media sites, you are being watched, so learn what they know about you or at least what you can.

Blogger, which is where this blog is hosted is a Google Site.  I use Facebook extensively to contact my family and friends, to find discounts on deals, and to try to win a Mac Book Air (Got a spare one? Let me know - this laptop is creaky!).  I'm part of the problem as well by adding content onto my own Facebook group, and that little stripe with the link on it is there so you can like the site.

I will continue to use all of those sites.  After all, blogging and Facebook are great outlets for verbal creativity.  If you read the site here, search for Ramblingmoose on Facebook and join the group.  You can let me know there.  After all, that's what Social Media is all about.

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