Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Class 10 SDHC Chip to the Rescue

What's this technobabble and why the clouds?

I blew up my memory chip for the camera a while back and had to get a new one.  Had because I simply did not have one to use for the camera, the other one was in use for documents and was way too small for the task.

As in 128 MB.  I can blow through that in a good session of picture taking.

As prices are dropping, there simply is no reason to compromise on speed.   Before I have mentioned the slower memory sticks and how to tell what you need for your camera.  Class 2 should be avoided, Class 6 is good for Photos, Class 10 is the best.   When I priced it all out, I was able to get an 8GB Class 10 chip for my camera for $10. 

I could have gone larger but this is for the camera and I'd be tempted to use it as a drive in the little laptop.

Why this need for speed? 

Plug in a slow chip and take a picture.  Immediately try to take another.

Go ahead I'll wait.

And wait... and wait.

That happened at Stonewall.  I tried to take a picture of a friend on a balcony.  The first picture was fouled up, so I focused and waited.  It took a full 30 seconds for the camera to write out the picture to the slow class 2 chip. 

I ordered this Class 10 chip and waited for it to get here.  Eagerly I took the chip out and put it in my camera and went out for a dog walk.  I was taking pictures for no particular purpose, enjoying the act of trying to capture something without trying hard.  Out of those pictures, there were actually a few that are worth sharing, so I'll have them out here.   The nice thing was that my "refresh" rate - the time between pictures, is drastically better.  The time now is well less than five seconds.   Seeing that I may refocus and reposition the shot between taking pictures, that five seconds is more reasonable.

So remember, research your purchase - Speed kills in a car but:

In a Camera, Speed is your best friend!

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