Thursday, July 21, 2011

Computer Procurement and One Single White Flower

Ok so say you listened.

You decided that you wanted to get a piece of hardware and make sure everything will work well together.  You put it all together and what if it actually does not work?

That's the problem when "Standards" aren't Standard.

You see, I ran into that problem yesterday.

Father John here in Wilton Manors and his partner Father Larry run a church, New Divine Mercy.  I help them out with their technology needs, and we have decided that they need a proper video camera and tripod to do some enhancements to their web page.  I put that page together, and there are videos on it, and we would like to add some more for a more personal touch.  

Yesterday we went shopping.  We got a great buy on a video camera, picked up an appropriate Class 10 memory chip, 16 GB of course, and a beautiful "professional grade" tripod.   I'm really quite amazed at the tripod, that thing is built like it is cut from a slab of granite.

Everything should just fall together and work, right?

It didn't turn out that way.

The Tripod is perfect, the camera is wonderful.  They work together well.  I charged the internal battery on the camera and did a test movie.  It ran for 22 seconds and ...


Scratching my head, I did it again.

The definition of insanity according to Benjamin Franklin is appropriate here:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

(I looked it up, the link is here, it isn't Einstein)

I tried the video around 10 or so times tweaking various settings and got the same results so I decided to try something different.  I placed my own 8GB chip in the camera and try it over.

Success.   I got a 10 minute video of me walking around my back yard, filming my dog pee on the grass (she does this when on camera) and looking at the pretty flowers.  Ooooh.

So thinking that it was the chip that we got for the video camera, I placed it in my own still camera and we went for the 5pm Dog Walk around Wilton Manors.   I was snapping pictures all over the place, and using the "questionable" memory chip, got the result in this post.

What is going on is that the video camera does not recognize the new 16GB memory chip.  My own still camera does recognize the chip.  Both cameras recognize my smaller 8GB chip.  For now, the video camera has my chip and I have Father John's larger chip but my intent is to pay the third visit to the computer store in two days and make a swap.

Seems that that memory chip should just be a bad memory.  As far as the video camera is concerned, it is.

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