Friday, July 22, 2011

DailySteals and Customer Service

They did me right.

I'm that guy who looks for the "buys" online.  I have to make the Eagle scream on the back of the quarter.   If I'm making a recommendation about price on some item, I've looked for it elsewhere for a better price.  I usually don't suffer buyer's remorse since I simply don't have a lot of money to throw around on luxury items and trinkets.

Recently I hit a close out site, and bought a Garmin RoadTrip 4030.  The item takes your iPod or other iThing and allows you to broadcast the sound through an FM Radio.  I use those things in a lot of different ways, and they're very flexible.  This way, I'm able to broadcast what I'm listening on the internet or on my iPod through the house and out into the back yard.  These "FM Modulators" typically have a range of 10 to 30 feet and it's just enough to get the signal out to the pool.

I'd hate to soak my iPod.

Assuming you get the item, it's one of those things you plug into the cigarette lighter, slap your iPod or iPhone into it and you rebroadcast into your car radio.  That would be the intended purpose.

I got the unit and I had a few surprises.

First, it was missing a piece that meant it couldn't be used in the car.  The kit should have come with two shafts that would be screwed together and form a rigid mount.  I was missing one of the shafts.  I guess I didn't get shafted.

Ok, bad pun but you know you all were thinking the same thing!

The other was that the electronics would unsnap from the mount and you now have a little modulator in its own box.  Along with the cables that I did not expect, this whole thing becomes very flexible since I can plug it into any USB power source.  I have an adapter for the wall or the car, so now I have my very own FM radio station.  Covers my house and an itty bitty piece of the front yard.

It turns out that it's just powerful enough to be clear in the bathroom too so the electronics are great.  Because of the way it's all hooked together, I can also use it as a microphone input for a PA System.  I May Need That Sunday.

After seeing that I was missing the piece I debated whether contacting the company for a replacement part, after all It Was Only Five Bucks.

I decided to log into the web page and comment.  They emailed me back in a couple hours and asked for a picture showing what I needed.  You see here, it's that yellow circled piece.

When they saw that picture, they almost immediately emailed back and credited my account for the Five Bucks.

I can't ask for a better outcome.  It probably cost them that much to ship the item in the first case.   The electronics will be put to use both in the house broadcasting music (my intent) and perhaps as a PA system if I need it.

After all, Mr Microphone may be a toy, this thing could do the job clearly.

So if you're looking for a closeout, I suggest surfing and checking it out once a day.  You may find something you need, and if you need help, Nicolette will be there to help you out.

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