Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Wet Walk in the Park

Oh hi!

Yeah we're in for it.  It's South Florida, you have two seasons, wet and dry.  50 inches of rain a year, 40 or so in six months.

No, you're right, it's more like Hurricane and Snowbird Season some years.

I didn't get caught out too badly though but you learn to check.

Sure did, I've got a weather app on the iPhone so I can skim radar before I left.

Nope, I heard the storm approach before it hit with a big rolling crack right at 6AM.

Because, at 6 my neighbor's sprinkler goes off, mine goes off, my dog wakes and wakes me.  It's all very predictable.

Yep, nice guy, real quiet too which is a massive plus after what we've been through.

Don't ask...

Sure she got wet, I had my Antenna also known as an Umbrella.  I've been here long enough to know that you get the good golf umbrellas that are all carbon fiber but I've had this one since the mid 80s when I worked in Philly.  Can't give up something that works just yet.

It's like they say about us down here, "You can tell a Floridian because they don't bring an umbrella when it rains, they just wait for it to stop or get wet".  Not like back in Philly where it would rain all damn day at 39 degrees and you'd be frozen through.  Here just hand me a soap bar and let me shower with the rain since it can really be THAT warm.

Of course not.  Mrs Dog Hates Rain, but you know I have that mile and a quarter I'm walking every morning.

Since May.  Looked at the scale on my birthday and wasn't happy so I've lost 6 pounds since then in 2 months. 

It simply wouldn't be right for someone who was a trainer for inline skating to have that much extra.  After all you can't accelerate as fast with an extra 10 in the middle, right? 

*CRACK*  Ok, let me get going before that rain hits again. 

Good seeing you too...

Too late, let me walk you home if you don't mind being under a golf umbrella that looks more like a maroon and grey satellite dish with metal spars.

Oh that was close, lets git!

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