Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh Just Take The Shot Already!

I needed a break yesterday, and so did my Lettie.

Opening the door, I heard a distant rumble of the approaching thunderstorms to the North and stepped out onto the porch.

Living on my block, I have a constant patter of people walking past the house.  Some go off to the shops, others are returning.  I've always liked living close to shopping centers, it allows me some flexibility and entertainment.

Waving to the neighbor across the open lot, I told Lettie to go on and do her thing.  While I'm shifting from foot to foot,  I look down at the little cement and tile planter that made it from Pennsylvania to the front yard here.  We have never quite had any luck with the planter.  It's too small for most things, too hot for others.  As a gift a while back, M.E. DePalma of the park near the house had given me these three succulents that moped along for about a year and they're finally starting to take off.  The nice thing is that they don't really mind being baked in the Florida sun in that spot.  I like having the plant next to the front of the house and it's a nice low maintenance thing to have there. 

The warmth does draw critters though.  Before that, it had had some Marigolds that got turned into a salad for Snails one damp night.  Wake up and find the plants just gone.  That won't do.  Same with the Impatiens. 

I noticed the little Anole watching me as if to say, I'm keeping an eye on you.  As we went about our business I thought it could be an amusing little shot, why not.  Lettie darted back into the house, I plodded after and found the camera.  I think the little guy was content with my taking the picture because it didn't move.  Sharing the yard with wildlife like those lizards that flip their dewlap at you through the living room glass and walking around the neighborhood through clouds of butterflies can be a nice experience.

Now if I could only rid us of those blasted gnats and mosquitoes!

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