Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another Kitchen Week

The problem with home made gifts is that you have to take the time to actually make them.

The result is I spend most of Mid December's free time in the kitchen watching over a pot or an oven.

Over roasting coffee that I need so that if I go somewhere, I have something to bring.   At 6 minutes 30 seconds plus 25 minutes cooling time for 1/2 cup of beans it gets time consuming.  That is roughly one pot.

Luckily there's a breeze blowing through the house and the neighbors get to smell coffee roasting.  I'd rather not wear that "cologne" all day, even through the shower.

One day is making the cookie dough, the next is baking, the third is second guessing whether you made enough and you make that "reserve" or "emergency" batch .. just in case.

A cookie sheet worth of Pecan Brittle?  Sure, there goes another couple hours.

Running low on rolls for dinner?  May as well set the yeasties to work and bake some bread after the cookies are done.  After all it's easier to warm an oven than it is to cool it down.

Still have some of the crystalline ginger?  Yep!  It keeps for 3 months on the counter in dry conditions.

If I come across those recipes I'll share them.  The bread rolls and the ginger were recently on the blog.

The cookies?  My Secret Recipe?  Hey every good cook has their own specialties.  Just make sure your stand mixer is working.  It might be a good idea to make up another 4 3/4 pound batch of dough and freeze it for emergencies...


I know this non baker who would love to show off with some home made slice and bake cookies.

Oh the recipe by the way is the famous Internet Cookie Recipe, with a few tweaks.  Both of them.  No oatmeal and no espresso in the cookies.  Espresso is for dunking the cookies and oatmeal is for breakfast!

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