Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Playing Virtual Navigator

It used to be that way back before the days of the GPS there was this thing on paper called a map.  That map would work well for centuries until the ubiquity of the computer happened.   Combine some bits and pieces and then you have a small hand held device that will give you directions and tell you if there's traffic ahead.

You know, back seat driver territory.

So what do you do if you've got no GPS or are smart enough to leave one out of the car?

I guess you draft someone like me.  

I've got a friend heading North for the holidays.   He'll be driving to the Auto Train, then getting off and proceeding to his destination.  

The calls have not started yet, but I'm expecting them.

Ring... "Hey where's that Orange Store?  I want to get some Honeybells!" 
You should have taken that almost ripe one off the tree but you have an exit for the store just ahead...

Ring... "It's raining here, how big is the storm?"
It's just a pixel on the radar, you should be out of it by now.

Ring... "There's traffic!  What's the alternate route?"
You should have gotten off of the service road at the last exit.  Next Exit is 10 miles up.  You're in the middle of nowhere.

Have a safe trip and get back soon!  I've got an orange to pick for lunch.

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