Friday, December 30, 2011

Good Riddance 2011

Count me among those people.

The ones who are saying Good Riddance. 
Economy Collapse.
Republican Party Candidates that fit in well with Neo Fascist Beliefs.
Democrat Party that has slid to the right of the Republican Party of Pre Reagan era.
Housing Bubble.
$2 "Convenience Fees" from Clueless Capitalists.
Shaky Euro.
Jobs sent overseas by the 1%.
The 1% NOT sent overseas.
Tea Party morons.
Irradiated Fukushima caused by a Tsunami.
Hurricane in New Jersey and New England.

The whole year has been a Santorum of filth. 
(Don't look up the meaning of Santorum if you are of a weak constitution.  Trust me!)

I'm looking forward to 2012 working out some of that garbage.

A much better 2012 because of:

Obama's Second Term! 
The European Economy looks like it will stabilize.
There is a strong "Save The Euro" movement.
People are Pissed Off everywhere:
   Arab Spring.
   Peaceful Protests.
   Occupy Movement.
   Fewer Dictators.
Housing Prices seemingly have bottomed out in the US and the UK.
Growing awareness of our problems and a sense that we really can fix them.

It's a start.  See you in 2012.  I have a Canned Post for tomorrow.  Besides, they're already setting up for the New Years Eve celebration in the parking lot in front of the bars.  That's becoming a tradition here.  Our own little Times Square...


  1. I looked it up. And I was sorry, very sorry. Next time you say “Don’t look it up”, I won’t!

    1. I had to re-read this posting and got a good laugh out of it! Yeah never look up that particular word/name. It's scary what you will find.