Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Reality of Telecommuting from the Porch


Oooh!  It's a beautiful day outside!  I think I'll take the laptop outside and do some graphics work!

The Reality:

Make coffee.
Take it outside.
Look at the chair and realize it has to be cleaned.
Go back inside, get the cleaning supplies and clean the chair.
Take the cleaning supplies back inside.
Get the laptop and the headphones and put them on the table next to the chair.
Realize that the chair is still wet from the cleaning and go back in for a towel to sit on.
Walk back out and finally sit down. 
Put the feet up on the railing of the porch and get comfortable.
Hmm the glare is annoying, reposition, ahh that's better.
"SLAP!"  Feeding the pet Mosquitoes again.
Wave hi to the bike rider who exercises in the neighborhood each morning at this time.
Start up the graphics program.
Say hi to the neighbor.
Sip coffee that is getting cold.
Notice that the breezes haven't started up yet this morning.
Scratch that mosquito bite.
Load the picture in to the graphics program.
Check Facebook to get rid of that (8) in the title bar of the browser.
Play a round of solitaire.
Change the channel on the music.
Hear something in the house and realize you're being watched by the dog.
WHAT IS THAT GOING UP MY PANT LEG!  OH, it's just a gecko!
Have a sip of cold coffee.
Tell the neighbor you don't know where their cat is.
Work on the graphic.
Wave hi to the truck from The City.
Wave hi to the Police Cruiser.
Sip on the ice cold coffee.
Spill some of the coffee on your lap.

Forget this all, close up the laptop and walk back inside and sit down in the chair under the ceiling fan after doing a minute of work in 30 minutes of trying to settle down.

That is why you have an In Home Office.

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