Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hotmail's Memory Lapse Led to My Confusion

My personal email is on Hotmail. 

Sure, it's not the sexiest around but I can get it to be as "Old School" as possible.  I have an old enough account that I can use some external software that they turned off because of spammers and scammers.

When it comes to software, I would much rather have something bland in looks that works absolutely fast as possible than something with blinky bits and eye candy.  It doesn't get the work done, and usually just makes Firefox get fat.  After a week of use, Firefox will bloat up to over 2GB of memory and runs like a slug.  At that point it will simply quit.  Oops Debug Reporter!  Do you want to send us info?

No thanks.

Gmail, being the current darling simply annoys me.  I can't shake the feeling like I'm being watched, and the software is constantly doing things in "background" when I'm trying to do things in "foreground".

Today after answering an email from Kevin I found myself with a message from my sister.   It pointed to a link on a website with a long list of holiday recipes for cakes, cookies and the like.  Great!  A challenge in the Kitchen!  Gives me an excuse to bake for a change and a new recipe is usually fun for a meal or two. 

Clicking on a recipe, then a second I hit a dead link.  Odd.  Ok, lets try another.  That worked but the fourth failed.  One thing I know about getting spam is that those sorts of links tend to be fairly accurate.  This wasn't your typical Russian site trying to entice you to look at all the pretty bodies and infect you with a virus - sometimes that can be preferrable to the real thing.  This was a holiday list of recipes!

So I sent Pat back a "thanks for the challenge and I'll be trying some of these" quickie email.  When I got the original message back, I had a chuckle.

It was from October 2009.

Hotmail seems to have a bug that when you read and respond to a message, after you delete the original, it will select a message at random from way back when and put it up there.   I usually "catch" them but this time, the worst thing happened... I wrote an email to my sister!


Well, Pat, Yes, I did in fact lose my mind.

So if you are curious, you can find the page with all the recipes on it here.  I'll be visiting that later to see what looks good.

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