Thursday, December 8, 2011

That Is Not Your Present, Now Go Home

I knew when I put the little tree next to the Bird Cage, I'd have to watch him. 

Oscar took an immediate interest in the tree when I set it next to him and gave it a solid inspection.  In fact he went over to it in the cage and tried to get a better view.

It stayed there overnight and into the next day.

This morning when I settled in to do my own thing, I was relocated over into the big chair where I can watch over Oscar and decided that I'd let him have a bit of outside time. 

The first thing he does is climb out onto the door of the cage and eat his breakfast.  That's why the door of the cage opens onto the room divider, so I don't feed the dog with parrot food. 

Then instead of going back for more, it's time to explore.

He's done it many times before so I've expected it.  In fact it's a good way to get some face time with the old reprobate.   I just have to watch because if it is wood, a parrot will consider it his.  It's a great use for old barbecue skewers, wooden spoons, clothes pins and furniture.  He'll shred them all.

Even if you don't want him to.

"Noooo, Oscar, Don't!" is a common thing in this house.

He'll come out, get onto the room divider and as soon as you're not watching, try to test how firm that wood is.  Yes, small beak marks can be found on the molding on the room divider.  Next time I get some bougainvillea cuttings, it's his but until then, there's always my favorite chair, table or other piece of furniture.

"I told you I'm watching you ..."

Stalking, stealthily, quietly, Oscar the Grouchy Parrot begins to explore.  Veering away from the molding on the edge of the room divider, the prey has been spotted.

"Don't make me come over there..."

The prey is now just within reach and a small black tongue goes over to taste the forbidden fruit of Chinese Pine.  The base of the little tree has been felt and...

"Oscar!  Go Home!"

Turning around quickly and then slowing down when he realizes I'm not closely watching, he goes as far as the door to the cage and stretches up but doesn't quite climb into the cage.

"I mean it Oscar, I'm watching you!"

Rumbling sounds...
He climbs to the door but leans over trying to see himself in the red bauble hanging closely.

The lights glowing in primary colors are too enticing.   He waits.

I go back to My Own Thing and Oscar climbs down.   Watching with my left eye I wait for him to decide it is time.

"OSCAR! I said go home!"

The little blue blanket was grabbed, and tugged but no damage.  Oscar the errant parrot darts back to the cage and climbs to the top.

I go back to looking at the morning routine.  He's good for a little time now on top of the cage where he's usually safe and sound.


While my attentions are elsewhere, someone is sneaking off of the top of the cage and down to his prey.  There's a low hanging red light bulb that is just out of grasp and it has to taste ever so good since it's his favorite color on the tree and RED! and GLOWING!

LEDs will do that.

One last time, I give up.  I do what I should have all of 10 minutes ago.  Walking over to the divider, I concede defeat.  The little Holiday Tree has been relocated out of Parrot's Way onto the little table across the room by the door.  

Quiet returns.  The little green reprobate parrot climbs to the top of the cage for a good solid preen and then finally a nap.

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