Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So really, why do foods fall out of fashion?

So really, why do foods fall out of fashion? 

I understand that things are regional.  Tomatoes are just better if they're grown in South Jersey in someone's back yard.   Oranges taste better if you pick them from the tree in your yard in Florida or California and aren't injected with dyes.

I was reading this entertaining article about Tomato Aspic a good friend sent me.  I've never had this stuff, and she described it as a Congealed Bloody Mary.

You're not winning me over with that one!  I never did like "Bloodies".  In fact, I'd really avoid those like the plague at a brunch preferring the much sweeter Mimosa - OJ and Champagne. 

The article gave the history of the dish in an entertaining fashion, I've read her writings occasionally and enjoy her style, but still ... Bloody Mary?   Thanks, I'll pass. 

By the time I finished the article I had noticed that there were some things listed in there that I had never had before moving to Florida.  Green Bean Casserole?  Yep, my neighbor brought that over a month or two ago and I am waiting for the fridge to clear some of the holiday treats before I defrost that.  Mini Marshmallows in Lime Green Jello?  Ok, that one I've had before.  I think it is universal.  Doesn't take much thought and just about every Non Cook can make it.  Usually it had a can of "fruit salad" dumped into it with neon red Maraschino Cherries.

I'd pick out the cherries.   Love those little sugar bombs to this day.  My sister sends me a box of those little sugary bombs that are wrapped in Chocolate for Xmas each year.  We look enjoy and forward to that one.  Since Jersey was one of those weird places that you couldn't get them in Brandy, the Cherry Cordials were the G Rated kind.  I've had the ones in Brandy and THOSE are a "big boy" treat if you can find them!

Pat was extra generous this year, I got the G Rated ones in Milk and Dark chocolate. Yum!

If I had served the "Mini Marshmallow" dish at a party, everyone would look at it, laugh and some would pick at the stuff.  While reviled, it would be nibbled at and almost universally missing from the buffet table by the end of the meal. 

Mind you I'm not brave enough to try to serve that one.  I'll stick with my baked goods.

After pondering it all, I came to the reason that was implied in the article... Make what you like and if someone makes a rude comment about it, they are welcome to wear it home.

I'll just pass on the Tomato Aspic.  I'm brave but not quite that brave!

Thanks M.E. I got a great smile out of that article. 

I never did come up with a conclusion but does there have to be a reason for everything?


  1. Have some COURAGE Bill - I made it and it is yummy!
    Serve it with your scrampled eggs on New Years Day after you go to "Times Square" at the Alibi.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for the mention...and I'll echo M.E., be brave. It's worth it. P~