Friday, March 9, 2012

The Accuracy of the Feathered Rain Detector is High

Headphones are on.  They're noise cancelling headphones, so the only thing I hear in this house is the occasional moans and groans from the dog, and an occasional shift from the Parrot, Oscar.

I've had the old boy since 1986 when I got him "second hand" in a pet store.  I guess I'm a sucker for a rescue pet.  He's old enough to vote, and I can tell you he'd be better at it than some of these clowns out there getting ready to vote for the rogues gallery of the incompetent Republican party.

Politics aside, other than a few rattles here and there, it's a quiet day.  I've got on some old classic Disco.  One of the uses I have for Sirius XM is their Disco channel, since their DJs are way too annoying on the more current music channels for Trance and Electronic Music.

We've had rain coming through, which is a bit odd.  March in South Florida is still the Dry Season.  Sure, a good stiff breeze could blow sea spray inland, pick up the humidity and cause rain, but it's generally supposed to be predictably dry here at this time of year.  That's why you snowbirds come down for a visit.

Remember, Snowbirds, Turn Signals are NOT Optional!

Listening to Chic singing Everybody Dance, there comes a loud rattling from the parrot cage.  Oscar is getting excited, feathers are flapping around.   Looking up, its one of those Wrong Time Of Year Showers.  Oscar got excited and it's time to let him enjoy the rain. 

Luckily for him, the cage is light enough to put him outside on the deck.  You don't really want to leave a prey animal outdoors for long here.  We've got Black Racer snakes, Opossums, and Raccoons that like to visit.  The Snakes are more afraid of us then we are of them, but the rest are something to be worried about.  Once I forgot the cage outdoors one afternoon after hosting a small dinner and heard rattling outside.  There was an Opossum sitting on the cage at dusk. 

We... won't be doing that again!

You can move into a neighborhood, but wildlife will stay.  For now, my Oscar has an appointment.  It's time for the Ringneck Doves to show up and pay him a visit at the window.  Him safely indoors, them safely in the bougainvillea.

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