Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You've Got Post!

It's a silent morning. 

Out an hour early with the dog, there is nobody around.   The city is asleep.

Even the interstate, two miles away could not be heard. 

The winds have not started up yet, there were few clouds.  

My headphones were speaking of the death of Queen Victoria, having moved me through British History from the Romans to that point. 

Being stopped by the dog wanting to water a palm tree, I reached my hand into the pocket for the stored plastic bags that remained unneeded.

Wandering along and seeing the red star toward the bottom of Orion, there wasn't even an airplane in the skies.  At least not close enough to make a sound.

We moved around the corner into the darkness that wrapped over us like a warm blanket. 

All the sudden I jump.  I hear someone shout at me from the distance "You've Got Post!".  

After having picked up the dog leash I realized that what I had heard was "Joanna" on my phone.  I was so intent on watching the dog, and listening to the close of Queen Victoria's Diary, that I had forgotten that subscribed emails happen even before 6 in the morning.  Thankfully it was only the leash that I had dropped and not the phone.

Laughing quietly at my own forgetfulness, I amble on into the waning night, the walk just having begun, exploring this quirky little island, one audio book at a time.

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