Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sandblasted Snowbirds

It's trash day here.  Yesterday I chopped down a "Weed" that grew to 12 feet tall.  I guess it's really a tree but it is now in pieces in the trash can.

That started things up.  Your front that caused so much havoc up in the midwest and came through yesterday here dragged a big mass of cool air behind it.  We're having some pretty significant winds as a result.

Seeing that the trash can usually isn't a problem, I had a few sticks from the cuttings that were holding the lid open just an inch.  That was all it took.   I've been up and down all morning slamming that lid back down.  Finally the last time was when I broke those two offending branches and was able to close the lid completely.

While standing outside I realized that here I was, 2 1/2 miles from the beach, getting sandblasted.  If you're a snowbird, this is definitely not a beach day.  The locals won't be there either unless they're serving drinks at the bars that are on A1A.

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There's a view of A1A at Las Olas at Fort Lauderdale's Beach. That many people won't be there today!

After picking the trash can up out of the parking space in front of my house, rubbing the bruised arm from the lid that slammed down on it, then getting the flag out of the screw palms, I looked up at the sun and rubbed the beach out of my eyes.

Thankful that we didn't have Tornadoes, it really is a pretty day out there and it could be a whole lot worse.  72 Degrees and Sunny with a strong wind off of the ocean.  At least the wind is coming from the right direction today.  Winter will ebb and we'll all be inside in the Air Conditioning once again.

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