Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why Bother Writing it All Down

As I wondered what I would write, my mind flicked back to this weekend when I was asked why bother with this blog thing?

It's an interesting thing to make it a point to write an article every day.  You start with a blank slate and sometimes a blank mind and start to type.  It's all about conveying information.  You never know where that mind will take you.  In fact sometimes it's just that mind being blank that gets you to write.

I've taken it on to write about complex issues on complex topics but what it is is a chance to get outside of my safe zone and work with things that I normally wouldn't work with.  Then take the findings and write about them in a fashion that just about anyone could follow along.

After all, why would someone with a training in Computing get involved in deconstructing the perfect pizza?

I'd say because the pizza here could be better.  Don't tell them that.

So why is this so late?  Everyone has been on the phone with me asking questions about life and the meaning of everything.

42. That's the answer, forty two, "Douglas".

Yesterday went well, today's been a bit fractured, and it's almost lunch.

There's fresh rolls cooling on the counter, and I have some pizza crusts in the oven for later.  I have a feeling that today's going to be a Kitchen Day.

Now, while that bread is cooling, I've got a file to download.  You see, there's a computer here that is going to get blessed with a copy of Linux.  I'm thinking CentOS again.   We shall see where that goes.  I want a secure place to surf and I have some ideas...

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