Friday, March 16, 2012

Rain. Rain. Rain. Cookie.

After going out this morning in the monsoon that hit us right at the dog walk hour, I settled in for my routine.

It was an hour into it that the washer was bleeping for its attention so I had to get up.  Hearing "Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep." from the other room, I grabbed my empty coffee mug and walked to the kitchen.

On the way through, I snapped on the burner under the tea pot, slapped the mug on the counter and walked into the laundry to stop the electronic warden.  After filling the dryer, I noticed two beautiful brown eyes looking at once to me then to the porthole in the laundry room door that leads to outside.

When she was younger, Mrs Dog hated the rain with a passion.   If I ran a sound effect of rain with her in the room, she would get nervous and whine at the world.  If there were thunder claps in the sound effect, she would bark at it.  In fact, she bit the TV once and nearly pulled it over when there was a thunderstorm on the particular show we all were watching.

Mellowing some, aging more, and losing her hearing changed that.   She's since regained some of her hearing with the thyroid medications that bring her back to normal.  With all those changes I'm never quite sure of what she's going to hear, but feeling humidity and knowing that there is weather out there, she reacts to the word "Rain" as if it's going to come at her with a cold personal vendetta.

Going back into the kitchen, I had started the breakfast meal cooking and noticed that she was shadowing me.  Fear will do that to her.   Looking down at her and into those brown eyes, I bent down and said into her ear so that she could hear:

Rain.  Rain.  Rain.

She got excited.

I bent up and said Rain.

So she did what any dog would do.   She looked at the cookie box and begged.  I guess it's universal, it rains, we all eat.

Enjoy your cookie Mrs Dog and stop rubbing your face on the big green chair.

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