Thursday, March 8, 2012

Walking Under A Grey Sky

Ok, I've done it.  I'm officially on Summer Time, Eastern Daylight Savings Time, a week early. 

The body will do what the body will do I guess, so after waking up at a little before 5AM, it was time to start the routine. 

One of the first things that has to happen, check Radar.  Weather here has been strange this week.  High winds and rain off and on with periods of high winds and sun.  If you don't like it, wait five minutes it will change.  Welcome to Britain, Florida Style. 

Today was no difference, we've had periods of rain and clear and that was just in the 10 minutes I was debating whether I should luxuriate in the warmth of the bed or not.

Not really finding any grand insights on life to read on the insides of my eyelids, I gathered myself and the dog up and went on out for a walk that neither of us were looking forward to. 

Thing is that if you are someone with a normal schedule, try shifting yourself an hour earlier than everyone else.  You can't always do it, it takes discipline.  After all, I'll be having lunch at 11 today and I'm writing this posting an hour earlier than I usually do.  Minor mental game to shake things up.

I've commented before what it is like living in a city and getting out before anyone else.  There's a peaceful calm around the city, any city, at that predawn hour.   I was lucky enough to beat the dog walkers, and I'm sure many of them were wondering if they should just go and get it over with now or have another mug of coffee.  I walked past homes with one light on, two eyes peering out at the world and me.  Others were dark and faintly glowing with the red of their alarm clocks and power LEDs on their cable boxes.  My own house has almost enough light to read by the equipment's power LEDs that I could read by it.

As we walked around my block, listening to the silence, the joy of the event was muted.   Sure my shoes were worn through since they were my Dog Walk Shoes, but I didn't need wet socks.   My trusty umbrella that I had bought in Philadelphia's Suburban Station in that convenience store in the mid 1980s was with me dripping on my head. 

Looking down at my dog, she gave a shake.  Clouds of raindrops were flung back into the air and eventually onto the pavement.   The light from the yellow street lamps gave a few stripes of light in a spectroscopic display of Low Pressure Sodium Vapor light.

Or is it High Pressure?   One of my more geekier friends will most certainly correct me.

We reached the third corner and had had enough.  Mrs Dog decided "Home Was That Way" and "This Is Stupid" as we went right instead of left and ended back at the house.  As we got there, it was time for people to begin to stir, 6AM had bleeped on my watch and we were going to get dried off. 

There's always time for another long distance walk when the weather is better.  There's always time for a walk when you're a dog owner and if not then you're going to have chewed furniture.  How can you turn down those big brown eyes?

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