Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ever Wonder Why Mosquitoes Don't Drown in a Storm?

Living in South Florida means that you have a lot of pets. 

Some pets are intentional.  I couldn't live without my dog, and my parrot.  I've had animals with me most of my life.  You can tell what kind of person someone is by how their pet reacts to them, but that is a very different story...

Other pets are unintentional.  Those are the ones that I would like to put a dome over my backyard, trap, and fill it with pesticides so that I can have a little piece and quiet in the pool.

I am referring to my flock ... of Mosquitoes. 
Of course, you knew that from the topic.

They have to be pets after all because I tend to feed them every time I go outside.  Oh look Daddy's back, lets have a snack!  Love Daddy's legs... and


Ahh much better now...

You see the Tiger mosquitoes are here, black with white stripes.  They could have called them Zebras but that would not adequately describe their ferocity. 

When I'm in the pool, I tend to go down in the water to my neck and they still find a place to find a meal. 

If I spot them as they are coming in for a landing, I usually splash with a cloud of water hoping that I knock them into the chlorinated pool and drown them ... but it doesn't work.  They seem to miss the water and come back to visit again in a few minutes.  It is as if they're toweling their tiny bodies off and coming back for more.

Now as silly as that may sound, that is probably closer to the truth of the story than we might realize.  You see the scientists were at it again as reported on this article.  The mosquitoes were found to be so light and lacking mass that the water would hit them, and they would be unharmed.   Escape the water droplet and off they fly.   For the most part they're able to escape and not drown.

So the moral of the story is that if you want to get rid of mosquitoes, drain all your water in plant pots, spray where you can't drain, and be careful in the yard.   We spray the yard on Friday so that Saturday we can use it.

Oh and if you're going to splash the little buggers, go whole hog - use a LOT of water and knock them out of the sky.  A little spray won't do it.

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