Friday, June 22, 2012

Printers Spewing Ads Caused By The Milicenso Virus

Not to worry, they are already working on the fix for this one. 

If you have not updated your Virus program in a while, it's a good time for a reminder.   Personally, I use Microsoft Security Essentials.  It's free, it's widely seen as one of the better ones, and you don't have someone looming over your shoulder selling you something every so often like a subscription.

I haven't gotten hit by a virus yet, although MS Security Essentials has caught them on a download.

Just consider this as a friendly reminder to take a look at your virus program and make sure it's up to date.  If the date on the "Virus Signature" is more than a couple days old, you're going to need to update it.  I saw a computer recently that stopped updating its virus signatures.  The fix for that was to uninstall their old virus scanner, and install a new one of their choice. 

This particular virus is really a trojan.  It serves up advertising and makes your printer waste paper printing out reams of ads.  If you're at home, you will notice it faster than if you're at work.   There you'll have your "IT Guy" having a fit with the printer.

Kind of an amusing threat, if you're not the person who has to do that sort of desktop support.

So if your printer is spewing paper, update your virus scanner and make sure that you run a full scan.

Which ever virus scanner you have.

If you are feeling particularly "Geeky" you can read the write up on this latest virus here at Symantec.

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