Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Facebook Changes Default Emails to @facebook

Sure, it's annoying.  I'll never use it.

Yeah I know, "Never Say Never" especially since that is the way "it works".

Facebook is the social media 800 pound gorilla that you love to hate.   It makes arbitrary changes that you don't like, that aren't in your interests, and are downright scary from a security and privacy standpoint.

On the other hand, it makes some aspects of life easier and it really is not a requirement in life.

I tend to use Facebook to go out and gather my news items.  I make a random comment here and there, but not more than 10 a day on average.  Oh and those ads are blocked.

So if you're like me and don't intend (remember, never say never?) to use their email system "ever", here are the instructions to check whether you have been changed.  I wasn't but I also don't have Timeline yet.  I never opted in, and it is probably one of the most ugly designs for a display of information that I have ever seen, and yes I do web project management professionally.  

Really Facebook, put away your crayons and get your designers back to work.

Anyway - sign into Facebook and follow these steps for "Old Facebook":

  • Click About to get into your Account Settings
  • Under General Settings, Click the button beside the appropriate email account to set your primary email account.

Mind you, this looks totally different under the "old" facebook.   Timeline settings are different.  I've been lucky to fly under that butt-ugly Timeline for now... Lets hope ...

For Timeline,

  • Click About to show settings.
  • Next to "Contact Info" click Edit to show your current status.
  • Set personal information to "Shown on Timeline".
  • Set the Privacy option on Email to what you would like it:  At this point you can show to only you, or anyone else at four different levels including Public and Friends.  If you want nobody emailing you, set it to Only Me.

Remember if you aren't the customer, you're the product being sold.  If you don't want Facebook sharing it, Don't put it on Facebook.   That basically sums up their terms of service.  If you understand where you are in that particular "game", you can act accordingly.

This particular information is all over the web and the blogs but if you can't fathom my information above, there is an article on Tech Crunch that gives you all the pictures you can possibly want to help you along.

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