Friday, June 8, 2012

Want the Dog? Call the Parrot.

I'm in a wierd feedback loop of a relationship here.   Yes, that squealing you're hearing is just the normal way of life in this house.

I've got a Mc Nab Dog, which is Canine for intelligent but fearful 12 year old Lettie.

I've got an Orange Wing Amazon, which is Avian for mischievous and crafty Oscar who I have had since 1986.

And of course I'm in the middle of it all.

My Lettie is a bit jealous as well.   If I give a treat to Oscar, I've got to have one for Lettie.   If I give one to Lettie first, she still wants another.   With a dog, that shows where you are in the pack.  If you eat first, you're ranked higher.

So I give Oscar his treat first and Lettie mopes and acts as if she's got to try harder.

She does this by becoming superglued to my calf.  Or both.  There's a lot of glue going on there.

It's mango season here in South Florida, and I love the things.  I keep picking the fruit and gathering it from the trees that I've been told I can do so, and the kitchen right now has a scent of mango about it.  Oscar and Lettie both love mango also.  

I'll make up a bowl, 10 ounces are 200 calories, and there's the dog glued to my leg, and the parrot yelling at me "HELLO!" for samples. 

Tripping over the dog, I bring Oscar the pit with a little fruit still stuck to it, and now Lettie's getting insistent.

Jealousy, thy name is Dog.

Cause, effect, dog begging, parrot speaking... it's normal here.   If I look at the cage and say Oscar, I have a dog watching me.   If I give the dog her cookie, I hear "HELLO!".   After all, Oscar's just bold and dumb enough to try to take that cookie away from Lettie.

It's so very Darwinian here.   First the snack gets past me, then it's up for grabs.  Just like having toddlers or worse, twins.  Now, let me put the cage on the floor and open the door.   Oscar's rattling around that Mango Pit from yesterday and Lettie's asleep.  I have a feeling a dog's going to get a visit from a feathered friend.

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