Tuesday, November 5, 2013

One Bright Roadside Bloom

I think I needed a little brightness in my week.

The weather here this week has been quite strange.  It went from unseasonably warm last week, even peaking at 90 when the temps should be more mid 80s.

Yes, I'm in South Florida, I expect that.

Then you folks Up There sent us a front.  I watched it truck its way across the Deep South, then down America's Wang, The State Of Florida.

Homer Simpson broke me, I've been hearing him say that Florida is America's Wang for years now in my head. 

Once it left the redneck belt, that deep stripe of red on the radar hit us as a weak couple moments of showers.   Now it's in the third day of grey and wind.  Not that I'm complaining, it's a couple degrees cooler, Windows Open weather, and the breezes are welcome.

Other than it has picked up Fort Lauderdale Beach, and I suspect a bit of the Bahamas, and deposited them on my Jeep.  I'd wash it but it just seems a bit futile.

Since it's Trash Day, I dealt with the Steel Grey clouds and the trees leaning 20 degrees to the West by going outside and putting the big blue can upright yet again, then compulsively pulling weeds for a couple handfuls before coming in and getting back to work.  Grey and green with scattered flowers is the weather forecast. 

So after pulling weeds that spread over my garden, I thought a flower was necessary.   This one in the picture is trying to climb itself next to a pole around the corner.  There was a house there that one day was knocked down in the housing bubble.  The former owners most likely planted it for an added splash of color in days gone by. 

Hopefully the plans to build a four-plex will fail and someone will once again put a single family home there.  These future new people can take over the vine that catches my eye each time I walk past the now empty yard that now serves for an entry to the water so my neighbors can go down and try to catch fish.

There's still a little Mayberry left on my quirky little flowery island.

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