Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Superman Arrested

I'm still chuckling a juvenile little chuckle about this story.

Sometimes the BBC comes through, especially in their Just The Facts presentation of things.

You see, there is this guy.  Grew up in Indonesia, lives in Singapore.

Apparently the guy's parents are a bit "playful" with names.   His story was viral a while back, originally reported on Gizmodo.  Yep, you know him as Superman.  Or really "Batman bin Superman".

Strictly speaking, that "bin" is "Son Of" so it's Batman, Son of Superman. 

Technically that doesn't conform to the whole Marvel Universe or who ever owns the trademark.  Not that trademarks are that important in some parts of the world.

It's not actually "Superman" but "Suparman" according to the Singapore authorities.   Apparently someone who may not speak English can't exactly spell it, so we'll forgive them. 

Anyway, our little chum, sorry, that's Robin... Anyway, Our Friend Batman decided to get sticky fingers and steal some cash from a store. 

That wasn't enough, he did it again.  Same store.  

Criminals always return to the scene of a crime?

He also pleaded guilty to Heroin consumption, so not only is he a bad criminal, he's into drugs which is bad.

Mmmkay?  Drugs are bad, Mmmkay.

I guess that having Internet Fame isn't the same as real fame.  You generally don't have money to back it up.


So I guess the moral of the story is not to name your children after a superhero unless you want people to watch them.  They may just knock over a store.


Silly Superman.  Crime is bad.

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