Monday, December 16, 2013


I must have been channeling pop culture a few years back when I took this picture.

There was an artist that went around taking pictures of dogs, cats, and piglets.  Using a fisheye lens, he ended up with a rather distorted picture.  Giant nose, smaller head, and a ridiculously undersized body, it looked like an Anime picture on steroids.

I don't have a fisheye lens.  I have a middle of the road 8 megapixel stand alone camera that I use very heavily.  I am literally wearing the camera out.

I also have a very curious dog, Rack.

Rack will go out into the backyard on his own, wander around, snuffle the ground, and generally explore things but do so slowly.   If I am out there, he becomes the curious child wanting to know what I'm up to, up in my business as they say.

If I end up going into the shed, he'll walk up close by me but not too close.  I can't drop anything because he's sitting just outside of the door and the noise will make him bolt, head for the door and shudder.

Much better than he was with noise triggers, he still is quite jumpy.

If I ever needed a hunting dog, Rack most certainly is not one.

I'm not a hunter, although I have pulled quite a few iguanas out of the swimming pool.  Rack, on the other hand really could not be bothered with the invasive green monsters.  He's much more interested in the Monarch Butterflies that float by on the breezes.  Nut Brown eyes will follow the orange floaters in amazement until they pass out of sight.

Nice to have the company though.  He will keep me in view, parking himself nearby if I am quiet, further away when I drop the tools on the ground.  I keep him entertained and his curiosity satisfied.

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