Thursday, December 12, 2013

Spiders! ACK!

You adapt.  Wherever you are, you will bend to what is around you and accommodate things that might be a bit strange.

In my case, it's the onslaught of creatures that live around us.  Wildlife thankfully is not completely gone from South Florida, and sometimes it even watches you back and benefits from your being there.

My Geckos and Lizards that visit my kitchen window every night are a perfect example.  If we forget and leave the kitchen light on they will come and stick themselves to the glass like a decal. 

When you're out in the yard, you have to keep an eye out for critters.  I've seen plenty of Black Racer snakes run away from me, and that's about all they do.  You come by and they run away.   While I am out there looking for snakes and other crawlies, I'll have to watch for spider webs.   This particular one and I had a week of encounters.  Right behind my bedroom window there is a Bougainvillea that is trained to grow on an arbor.  It may be a salad for an iguana since it's not exactly in the best condition.  But it is perfect for Little and mostly harmless "Crab Spiders" are all over the place, and generally are no cause for alarm.
these spiders to come by and make a web.

When I see their webs they are almost always perfectly round.  It's like they want to present themselves as a bullseye target so you can find them.  Colorful and non threatening, they're welcome there especially if they manage to eat those blasted mosquitoes that torment us here. 

After a week the encounter ended.  Being where it was I would see them every morning when the sun would rise high enough to light the target in a silvery glow.  When it left, I found myself missing it there.  Not to worry, another one will be through shortly.   These creatures seek that spot out on a schedule.

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