Friday, December 13, 2013

Ellie's Portrait

Running around the backyard will tire you out, whether man or beast.

When Ellie came over for a playdate a while back, she was doing just that.  Running over every square inch of the yard, sniffing the trees that Rack had watered, and basically enjoying the freedom of being an off leash dog outside of the house.

Ellie is a part of Rack's Pack.  She lives across the street in our little neighborhood on our quirky little island.  Bill brought her over one day, shyly suggesting that we try it out in the yard.  Why not?  After all the two dogs, Rack and Ellie, walk around down 3 or more nights a week.

We either park ourselves in front of Wilton Manors City Hall for a bit so Rack can get "innoculated" against the noises of traffic, or lately we've been taking The Long Walk out to Island City Park Preserve.  Good exercise for all.

But that's all on leash.  In this case we had a solid half hour of canine chaos.  They did visit the far corner of the yard and got barked at by the pitbull that lives on the opposite of the four corners of the property line from us.  He was boring so we saw them charge back into the yard, leaping all the way.

Ellie is a middle aged dog, having her second life with us after the original owner got too old to properly care for her.  She's socializing well, and helping me to calm Rack down on our walks.  Good company, but don't get on her level and make kissy faces or you'll find 45 pounds of fur licking your face!

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