Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Three Holiday Boxes, Ready to Go!

Three Holiday Boxes, ready to be sent out to their homes.

Every year, I bake cookies, roast coffee, and set aside a few odds and ends.  Drop them into these boxes, and send them off to some specific people.

They know who they are, and they know what to expect.

I make it a point to throw some curve ball items in each box every year just to make it a little less predictable.

I'm also forgetful this year.  I forgot to put a Card in there with the letter saying what everything is, and I know that I will get comments about that.

But it is my specialty to make these things every year, plus on their birthdays.  I usually have spare cookie dough in the house as a result, since the birthdays come spread out just enough that there's always something in the house.  It works out to be four times a year at any rate.

So once I get to the Oakland Park Post Office, up on Dixie later on, they'll get on their way.  I'm thinking they "should" get to their destination by Saturday, but only if I get there by noon.

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