Friday, August 29, 2014

One Happy Dog

Have you ever heard of a Velcro Dog?

A Dog that is constantly under foot because they want to be with you always?

Never wanting you out of sight?

Glued to your legs?

Sleeping at your side?

Rack isn't it.

Rack will follow me around the yard, but not closely.  He takes a more subtle approach.  Where I am, unless there is something that catches his attention, he will be watching from a distance.

I was out back roaming the property, doing my own version of a Perimeter Search.  Before the heat of the day, looking at the foliage, enjoying the morning cool - or what passes for it, and generally just being there, I managed to keep both of us entertained.  It was one of those rare times where it was quiet, there weren't any pests to chase off, and even the Monarch Caterpillars couldn't be found on their milkweed plants.

I had the camera, so I was preoccupied with taking pictures and trying not to fall into the swimming pool.  Since there wasn't a lot of nature, I wasn't too successful at finding anything really all that interesting to take pictures of.

All the while I was being watched.

Why not point the camera at the dog?

The thing is, they learn.  In the case of my own Rack, he learns very quickly.  The lesson of the day is "Flash Bulbs Are Annoying".

Some people don't like walking around with a big blue dot obscuring their vision for up to about five minutes or so.  Why would you expect a dog to be any different?   Lettie was so insistent that she would turn her head away and wander off when she saw the little black camera in my hand.

Silly dog, I almost always have a camera in hand.

But Rack hasn't quite learned that level of contempt for what passes for Photography.  He may have learned that outside in the bright, the flash may not even go off.  I am not sure, but it is possible, he's a brilliant mind for a dog.

Remember though, as a Canine Police Officer said to me once: On Their Best Days, They're Still A Dog.

I took to entertaining myself.  I was looking for The Shot.  I got about 20 shots this particular day, and the best one was spoiled by my cutting his nose off.

Oh well, it's digital, and Rack didn't seem to mind.

As he saw me with camera in hand, he first started looking away and realized that the flash wasn't going off in the Morning Sun.  So what did he do?  Came for a visit.

I finally got to the point where I thought I had what I wanted and stopped the exercise.  Rack was enjoying the morning, sniffing the air, smiling that gap mouthed grin, and liking the situation.

Sometimes, you just have to step back and smell the night blooming jasmine, relax, and enjoy the day.

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