Saturday, August 26, 2017

Retired Rattlesnake Roadside-Romeo

Retired Rattlesnake Roadside-Romeo was on the side of a dirt road in Arizona. On the other side of the road was a chicken.

So, he hollers, "Hey there babe! I don't usually talk with random chicks, but you ought to know that I am like a hundred years old. Do you want to know the secret to long life?"
The chicken is intrigued and asks, "Well, what is it? Tell me"

Roadside-Romeo replies, "What'd you say? Can't hear ya"
The chicken says, "I said, what is the secret to long life?"

Roadside-Romeo says, "What babe? Whatcha sayin'?"

So, the curious chicken crossed the road.
And went near Roadside-Romeo's ear and yelled, "What is the secret to long life?"

Roadside-Romeo hissed and rattled and replied, "Oh!!! The secret is - Don't talk to strangers!"
And in one quick swoop, pounced and ate the chicken.

And smugly, he thought to hisself, "Wow! Amazing that joke still helps me pick up chicks!"

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