Sunday, December 6, 2009

Facebook Holiday

I spent the evening of Thanksgiving night online.   Many people do and its quite common.   The thing that I didn't realize is just how much of my family was doing the same thing.

After the company went home, I parked myself in my comfy chair, warmed up the laptop and put on some music.  I checked Facebook as I do from time to time, made a comment on there about what I had had for Thanksgiving Dinner, and instead of watching a lingering football game or movie or some other thing, I got some work done.

At least that was the plan.   I did a little bit of research and noticed a red flag in the corner of the browser that was on Facebook pop up.   I went in and answered that message and basically found myself in a conversation with my sister, my cousin in Long Island, some of the family friends and some more of my local friends here in the City.

Since the house was empty I was able to stay online and do a few things and keep up with some folks that I care about and almost never have time to visit with.  While Facebook can be otherwise annoying, this was certainly a novel way to keep up with family.   Certainly well spent time and I'm glad I got to chat with everyone.


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