Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Holiday Gift from Sirius - No DJ Announcements!


At least on "The Strobe", their Disco Channel.

Ok, I can accept DJs in some limited amount.   Most DJs at any rate, as long as they're not that Tim Bauman who I just can't stand.   I've already done a rant on that one, he should be canned and go back to what ever club actually likes the guy. 

The thing is I didn't realize how annoying the DJs were on the radio until this weekend when Sirius gave the one that handles the Disco channel off for the day.   While I do like Disco, I don't usually just turn the stuff on and leave it roll for hours on end.   This weekend since there's been nothing more than an occasional "bumper" telling you that you're listening to The Strobe, It's been on since I got home on Xmas Eve.   Its Sunday morning, and I'm loving it. 

There were times when I couldn't listen to it like when I went up to Wellington and hit a dead spot on US 441 West of Boynton Beach coming home.   I guess the vinyl on the roof on the car was enough to make it too weak to get through, because I had no problems during the day when it was clear and the roof was off... But for the most part I've been listening to "Classic Dance, It's not just Disco, The Strobe, Baby" all weekend.

Yeah that was a bumper... But at least its not talking over the music.  

See in DJ Parlance, on the radio, talking over the beginning of the song is called "posting".  Stop it, please!

Everybody Dance... Doodoolooloo! Clap your hands! Clap your hands!

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