Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Facebook Annoyances

Maybe Annoyances is a bit strong.

Perhaps Facebook Peeves is more like it.

I'm on a couple of those Social Networking Sites.  Tagged turned out to be way too rude with people trying to hit on you every day.   What I did with was to merely go quiet.   I still have the account but I'm not really on there.   All I do is check it when someone inappropriate sends me something inappropriate.   There are a LOT of Nigerian Scammers there.

I'm on Linkedin, and probably should make that one a priority.  I'm lousy at professional networking so anything that would help would be welcome.   I have a very basic profile there and don't really use it.

Then there's Facebook.   Facebook feels much more "Legit".   So I have people who I genuinely care for who are part of the family, and people who I genuinely care for that I know here in town and in the City.   Facebook has a lot of games on it just like Tagged does.   Mafia Wars, Farmville, Beating Hearts and MANY more.   If you turn on all your notifications and have more than a few friends... you come home after work to pages of people doing mob its, planting fields, and having hearts that ... throb.

Its all very nice, but I prefer to play games in private.  I have a game called "Freeciv" that will take multiple months to play but I doubt much that anyone wants to know that I just conquered the Portuguese or the Antarcticans or some such.

What Facebook does, right, is to keep putting up games so people keep coming back - and they let people who really aren't all that interested "hide" them.   I come home, check Facebook like millions of others do, and simply Hide all of those games.   I'd much rather see what people are really thinking.  Way too much to do Off Line than take out a mob hit (virtually) on someone who I met 10 years ago at a party who thought enough of me to want to say hi to me again.

I'm not the only one who does it, I've just listened to someone tell me that he's just "hid it" to a notification about someone who bought a cow.

If you think this is about you, and you're a friend, you might be right.   But I do take things seriously so don't feel insulted.

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