Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Its all over but the fireworks

This week was always a strange one to me.  You're between Xmas and New Years.  Typically it is a week given over to family, visits, and eating way too much food that you don't need.  If you're not doing the holiday visit thing, it's quiet.

Utterly Quiet.

Have a pin?  Drop it!  DAMN that was loud!

But seriously, Living as close as I do to all the sights and touristy things, I can get out with a walk and be in a shopping district in short order, or hop on a bike or in the car and be at the beach in just a few miles.  If I choose not to do any of that and brave the snowbirds and the drunks, it's quiet around here. 

Oh sure, its Sunday, and tomorrow I'll be at work planning for a future on my Network with our people.  But for the most part, I'll be able to enjoy a quiet week even if I do go about my "normal life", whatever Normal is.

When you live in a city you find a groove.  Some may call it a rut and attempt to make things exciting by knocking you out of your groove, but for the most part you end up working towards your comfort level and equilibrium until you go on vacation.   South Florida is an economy built on Air Conditioning and Vacationers.   When you're a tourist here, its all shiny and new.  The reality is that you go home and wonder what it is like to move here and live a normal life.  I made that jump, and I'm finding my equilibrium again after a rough couple of years and it feels good.

Call it a rut, but its nice to look around and see the sun and the flowers and have a routine that has been slightly unsettled by this weird week where as many people as possible are taking of.

I'll be back at work with my feet up on my box under my desk, working on the network wondering where everyone went.

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