Friday, December 4, 2009

The Dangers of a Non Traditional Thanksgiving

Sometimes you just end up doing something a little different.

Thanksgiving was Roast Beef with Port Wine Gravy.  Wonderful stuff.   Along with the baby carrots and the mashed potatoes, it was quite a lot of food.   Excellently prepared, and quite a lot of it.

If you're going to make a meal, why go through the trouble of making just enough for one day.   I never quite understood the idea of working six hours for something that will be done in a heartbeat.   Today with refrigeration and microwaves, you can have the same meal, almost at the same quality, for days. 

After all the fuss of the meal, and the cherry pie afterwords, I was presented with a rather large mess that needed to be put away as well as approximately 6 pounds of well cooked Roast Beef.   Going through a flurry of plastic bags, I managed to Portion-Pack the leftovers and freeze most except one meal which I had today.  

Most folks complain about having way too many leftovers.  I'll be enjoying mine at work all week, and probably for the rest of the month for lunch.   The rolls soak up the gravy quite well too!  I guess instead of complaining they should try something else for the holidays.    I wonder if I could convince folks to try a christmas goose or ham....

I Doubt it!

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