Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Decaf Espresso

Why bother you say?

I say Self Preservation!

When I drink Coffee, I tend to drink a lot of it.  I have a series of mugs that I got here that are 16 ounces in size.  Rather a lot of anything.   I like to have two of them.   That would be 16 shots of Espresso.   After that you'd be hallucinating and looking for a ride to the local Emergency Room to visit with those less fortunate who are seeking free medical care.

So today, Saturday Morning I made some Espresso since I had the time.   I have an 8 shot, on the stove top espresso maker just like my Italian Grandmom would like.  Every so often I get a bee in my bonnet to have some Espresso and drink it like an American would drink their watered down coffee.   So to keep the Caffeine consumption down, I made it with 4 shots of a fine Kenya AA regular and 4 shots of a good but common decaf roast.   Turned out quite well actually!

After downing that, I'm Buzzing around the house and decided to set up some Blog Postings for later release... this being the first.

Then I made up the second mug, all decaf.   8 Shots of 4% caffeine Decaf (Typical Amount) means basically 1/3 of a mug of caffeine anyway and more than the normal taste.

Isn't that what life is about?  Beating the system and getting to have all the fun you can without harming anyone?  :)

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