Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tim Bauman on Sirius XM Annoys Me to No End

Ok start Rant.

I have a Sirius Radio.   Generally I listen to it infrequently and I listen to a variety of stations.  There are times when its nice to listen to BBC World Service, Cutting Edge Trance, Classical Music, Swing, and other fringe formats that just aren't played here in the Miami Market.  I don't listen to it in the car because the portable I have is annoying to carry around, and I have a few Euro Trance DJs like Armin van Buuren and others who do podcasts.

Today, I had the Sirius radio on and the station I tend to listen to most, Area, was playing something a bit too mechanical for my tastes.  It reminded me of someone tossing some pots and pans inside of a 55 gallon drum and rolling it down a hill.   Sorry Carl Cox, I switched the channel to BPM.

BPM is a slightly less edgy version of Area.   Vocal Trance is what they call it, and while I could get it on various websites (try if you like and you'll find a lot of dance formats for free) I was sitting in the living room and had the Sirius radio on.

I'm listening to the radio for a while, and on comes Tim Bauman.  Apparently he has some following in NYC in the clubs but I find this guy to be one of the most annoying DJs I've ever heard.  For DJ Patter between the songs, he feels that we all want to listen to him go on about the girls in the clubs that are supposedly into him.

Delusional fool!

The first time I heard him start up on his "girrrl" patter, I thought who is this teenager who thinks all women are into him and why on earth should I care.   Then the music started again and I wasn't so concerned... the track ended and there he goes again, more "girrrl" crap.

First off, I don't listen to radio to hear an inane oversexed DJ "add" to the music by talking over top of the songs.   I don't care what you have to say Tim, SHUT UP!

Secondly, Sirius XM radio, Yes, I'll use the line "I'm Paying For It So I Want It My Way".  This jerk is yammering over top of the music I want to hear.  If I wanted to hear that nonsense, I would tune in 93.9 here in Miami and get my fill of Inane Patter, Bad Radio Bumpers, and 20 minutes of commercials an hour!  The format of the music is fine, BPM normally I can tune in and forget that I have a tuner button until the DJ fires up his damn mouth.   I went out of my way to get a new technology (I got a "Lifetime" subscription before the days of Howard Stern) so I could avoid the commercials I despise and found a station I could listen to with dance music without DJ interruptions.   Move the format back to that, DJ Podcasts are WAY too easy to find.  As a very long time listener to Sirius I have found my music disappear and come back too many times in channel shuffles.   It is Fringe Formats that made me and others come to Sirius, not the garden variety rock or country.   Shut the DJs up and let the music go uninterrupted.  It happened at least twice before, it can happen again.

Thirdly with iPod, Sansa Players, and the rest so easy to carry and the Sirius radio practically set in stone in the house or car, the Sirius is way down the list of things I prefer to listen to.  Having to listen to this moron between every track is like listening to an old radio show bang on about a toothpaste or soap, or the 1950s game shows that would have the name of the sponsor on camera the entire show.  It is annoying, intrusive, and unnecessary.

Just shut the damn DJs up and let us have our music, Sirius XM.  When someone asks me about it I generally tell them not to bother and cite the name of the one and only, thankfully...

Tim Bauman.

Can we move him on to his next gig flipping burgers, PLEASE?!?!?!?

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