Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day And Night at Mai Kai

After having that amazing meal I realized that I had a few other pictures left over.

The nice thing about taking pictures is sharing them.  Others may not be so amazed at your photographic genius but you always feel better after you show them.   Since the Blog is the modern equivalent of either an open letter, letter to the editor or the community bulletin board, I've got out a few virtual pushpins here.

When you go out to Mai Kai's Lanai area, you are presented with an amazing amount of foliage.  That foliage is quite artfully presented within some water features that I wish I knew how to put together.   I am simply not that artistic in that way.

This was the view on Sunday when I sat down at my chair and began to read my menu.   The view was simply amazing as it was.  This was at around 5:30 in the evening, and the sun angle was still a bit on the high side.  

Not to be outdone, the ferns and other tropical plantings were swaying in the breezes as if to wave a gentle hello in order to make your visit more pleasant.  It was a beautiful scene.

This was approximately the same view at night.   Taken in the dark with the same camera at approximately the same spot, you can see just how the beauty of the place is enhanced by some very creative lighting. 

Where the waterfall was a beautiful moving feature during the day that presented the diner with a constant sound in the background of running water, at night that sound was joined by the dance of millions of jewels that each caught the light in their own way as they fell to join their companions in the pool below.  The play of the light on the surface of the water was a treat to behold as gold would shimmer with silver in a night time dance.

This would be the famous Lanai of which I write.  The picture was taken in the later evening, from the table.   I had to rotate and crop the picture, so hopefully I got it right.  I think I'm close enough for this purpose.   The restaurant is an amazing place and when the light draws down for the evening, the lights that they have out there become apparent and cast a golden glow upon those who are fortunate enough to share some time together under the leafy canopy.

From the seat that I had sat in three times, this was the view.  In this case, it was the view from the edge of the table.  The softening effect that you get when there is less light adds to the charm of the setting.  You are outdoors in an intimate area that will serve to please as you can enjoy your meal and your view at the same time.

The fixtures are all appropriate for this setting, made of bamboo and burlap instead of Western brass and shine.  Why take away from the natural setting and the exquisite food that you are about to enjoy? 

The night pictures were all taken in January.  The longer night hours allowed us to experience the change from day to night in a one of a kind garden that is a landmark in this city.  May that landmark remain for decades to come.

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