Friday, May 21, 2010

Dry Pool Work Done

I guess you would call this the Reveal if you were watching this on HGTV. 

The work took two solid days and two men were in the pool all day yesterday.  There was no rain and it was a typically hot late spring day here in South Florida.   This picture was taken at 4pm, well after the heat of the day was done, and you can see how intense the sun was by the corner of the picture.  That isn't white, that's the pool.  

I went down into the dry pool to inspect their work and literally came out blinded when I went back into the house after 10 minutes out there.   It took about 15 minutes for my eyes to readjust to the indoor "gloom".

But that having been said, they did an excellent job.  I'll find out just exactly how well they did it by watching the water levels when the pool is filled, of course, but it looked complete. 

We were left with a pool with three of these Frankenstein's Monster's Scars through it.  They dug it out, put in 39 staples made out of rebar, epoxied them into place, then covered it with Gunite and some Diamondbrite.   This morning it isn't terribly obvious that the patches are there since they did an excellent job of matching the colors. 

I can't imagine doing this sort of job as a DIY Project.   Yes, it seems simple, but the sheer amount of work that they went through was punishing.  We will have to fill the pool over the weekend once we take a measurement of how much water we have used already, so we can estimate how much it will take to fill.  I've heard it is 22,000 gallons of water. 

Constance is probably right, a green back yard full of native flowers, trees, and butterflies is more ecologically sound, but when we go to sell this house in a couple decades, the next snowbirds who buy it will expect a pool. 

Just don't fill it with ground water.   Too much iron in the water.

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