Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hagen Park Yard Sale Today 8 to 2

As we speak the earlybirds are there snooping around!

The park was filling up when I walked Mrs Dog down past there this morning half asleep.  I'm still half asleep, she's on the mat and I've got Haydn playing on the Sirius Radio.  The City is hosting its monthly Yard Sale at Hagen Park and hopefully I'll get to go there.   I'm not sure that I will but its always an entertaining time. 

The place will be chock full of things just like any other Yard Sale, and I seem to remember that the Historical Society will be emptying out some more of the things from Old City Hall.   I can't say that I know that Old City Hall will be open because I wasn't drafted to work that part of the sale.  Good thing because I have a lot of errands and may not make it today.  That's a shame because I always enjoy going there to see the neighbors I have here.  Great bunch of people, and it is always entertaining.

As I walked back from the Park, it was a constant stream of traffic toward it.  One pickup truck after another, station wagons filled with treasures, and people going to set up their goods hoping to pick up some spare change. 

A nice thing about being in a Small Town, Wilton Manors may be almost at the geographic centre of the South Florida Universe but there are only 12,800 people here, is that you get known.  If you're what Chesterfield Indiana calls a "stinker" you may not want that.   I have to assume that if I'm a stinker, I'm a well liked stinker because Mrs Dog and I got waved to by four groups of people on their way to the park.

I'll try to make it, but you should too since it is always so fun. 

Hagen Park, 2020 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, Fla. 8AM through 2PM today.

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