Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pat's Birthday Basket

On Friday I got a slightly early birthday present from my Sister, Pat.

I was sitting in my chair watching the world go by and working on getting a LAMP Server working and the UPS truck pulls up.   I knew that I hadn't ordered anything in three weeks, so it wasn't mine. 

Unconcerned I went back to getting the server installed.   I'm getting a Joomla and LAMP server set up in a Virtual PC session for a client here so I can mirror the "production" environment.   That and I do seem to have an aptitude for virtualization.  It is interesting to see a complete computer running within a window that I can copy off onto a hard drive and put onto any other machine that is running the correct software, whether Mac, PC or Linux.

Enough geekness right?  Gets dull...

When the UPS driver got the box I still thought Ok, Lisa may be getting something and I went back to things.  I was wrong!  The driver came up and left this box on my porch.  Too bad, he's a nice guy and I would have at least liked to thank him and say hello.  A kind word goes a long way even in this rushed day and age.

I was even more surprised when I looked at the box and saw my name as the addressee on the ship to label. 

Waving at the driver, I took the box in the house and opened it up.  Pat knows that I like chocolate.  It probably is a weakness for me since if it is around I will eat it.   Now I have a refrigerator of Fine Cheese, Premium Crackers, some interesting nuts, and fewer chocolates than came out of the box.   This being Florida, everything was warm so the perishables all went into the refrigerator immediately.  The little kid in me got the better of me and I tore into a bag of Toffee Covered Almonds which I've had before and is a favourite. 

The basket fits the top of my toilet tank and is sitting there hiding a back up roll of toilet paper and a box of tissues.  It works very nicely in there against the wood paneling of the room and tidies up a mess that was waiting to happen.   After all tissue and toilet paper do not work well if they fall into the bowl.

I have been nibbling away all weekend.  The Pecan Chocolate Chip cookies I made and froze are staying in the freezer for now.   The Aussie Red Licorice is all gone now, it went fast and was excellent.

Thanks Pat!  I am enjoying this surprise!

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