Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Being Watched By My Outdoor Pets - Picture

It seems that there are beady little eyes everywhere watching me.   They are getting bolder.  My Ring Neck Doves have graduated from the Tiki Bar under the Lanai to the chair next to the kitchen window and the Bougainvillea behind the Florida Room. 

Instead of them just hanging out at the bar like so many people do here in Wilton Manors, these doves have found that they can hide between the Bougainvillea and the house.  Since I don't pester them, they tend to be there all day when they need a rest, and leave when it is time for feeding.

I don't mind the company, in fact I'm thinking that I will have to clear a spot so Oscar the Parrot can hang with them too.  Might get him to stop tearing up the cage when he's bored.

They seem to be a couple, and have been coming back to the bar just before my lunch every day.  Very predictable when the windows are closed. 

They are the best kind of house guests, they stay outside, they're quiet, and you don't have to wash the sheets after they've gone.

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