Saturday, February 11, 2012

Three Ears of Corn - Humor

This one I found while doing some reading.  Shouldn't do that, it gets you in trouble and helps you find bad jokes to use for the weekends.

Since I was told that last weekend's jokes were "Corny" I thought this might be more appropriate.  Hey someone laughed to it... So make some popcorn and enjoy!

On her deathbed, an old woman tells her husband of 60 years he can finally open the chest at the foot of their bed, which had been off limits to throughout their marriage.

To his surprise he finds it stuffed with cash and, oddly, three ears of corn.

“Why are there three ears of corn in here?” he asks.

She replied, “Dear I have been unfaithful to you, and each time I placed an ear of corn in that chest.”

“I forgive you” said the husband “but where did all that money come from?”

With her last breath, she explained “Every time I got a full bushel of corn, I sold it.”

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