Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You're Being Watched

I'm used to noise here. 

There's the distant road noise from the highways way over "thataway".  I've grown to like having the couple of freight trains and their whistles coming through roughly when I am going to bed and waking up.  The winds through the palms are fairly constant once the sun is up and the heat island is pulling the air into large updrafts for the hawks and buzzards to soar on.

It's not really a quiet place.

This morning was quiet, at least until the trash truck started picking up our big blue bins, but even that was short lived.

I've stood on the corner late at night when I couldn't sleep, waiting for the dog, and I've heard snoring from the homes nearby, sometimes two or three houses away.   He really should have that fixed.

So when I was sitting here listening to some Lizst on the Classical Music Channel on my phone, I did not really think twice about the snoring in my own home.  My noise cancelling headphones muted most of it.

Even in the house, there's the ticking of two mechanical clocks, the rattling of the parrot in his cage, and the occasional moan of the dog as she readjusts herself on the mat.

I didn't give it a second thought.

I did however realize I Was Being Watched.

Looking over the top of my reading glasses, I noticed two brown eyes staring directly at me.  They were boring holes through me like a brown laser, if such a thing exists.

Who knew that a dog could stare and have her eyes open, at the same time?  After all she's a McNab Dog and not a bulldog or a pug. 

The things you notice when you allow yourself to do so may surprise you.  After all, she isn't a sea monster or a water buffalo, but she is finally asleep.

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